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This virtual reality kit is simple to use. The lenses, magnet and NFC chip are pre-installed to the cardboard frame. Simply fold to build the headgear, attach the head strap and slide in your phone using the rubber band provided to keep your phone from sliding out. Works best with Android phones as there are many VR Apps but there is also quite a few Apps for iPhone.
Google Cardboard is best suited for 5" and below but will also work with other screen sizes.
The in-built pre-programmed NFC chip will launch the official Google Cardboard app on Android phones once your phone has been placed inside of the Google Cardboard headset.

Not sure what apps to use to get the most out of this product?
Simply ask us and we will recommend some of our favorites!
1 x Magnet
1 x NFC Chip
1 x Head strap
2 x Lenses
1 x Cardboard Kit
1 x Rubber band
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Please Note: The Cardboard App has stopped supporting NFC as this technology is not available to all phones. This feature may not function correctly and in some cases not at all depending on app release date.
Please Note: Google does not manufacture Google Cardboard and created the design and encourages manufacturers to produce headsets to these specifications. Any headsets which show the Google logo are generally used for promotional uses only.