Google Cardboard White V2.0

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This is the latest Google Cardboard design released in 2015 at Google I/O.
This virtual reality kit is simple to use. The lenses, magnet and NFC chip are pre-installed to the cardboard frame. Simply fold to build the headgear, attach the head strap and slide in your phone using the rubber band provided to keep your phone from sliding out. Works best with Android phones as there are many VR Apps but there is also quite a few Apps for iPhone. 
Maximum Phone Width: 85mm 
The in-built pre-programmed NFC chip will launch the official Google Cardboard app on Android phones once your phone has been placed inside of the Google Cardboard headset.
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1 x Cardboard Sleeve
1 x Pre-Programmed NFC Chip
2 x Lenses
1 x Black Cardboard Frame
1 x Rubber band



iPhone 4

iPhone 5

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5s

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus