Grifco LS-Drive Sectional Garage Motor/Opener With Tilt Rail

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The Grifco LS-Drive is the perfect high-cycle operator for sectional doors found in small carparks. Designed for up to 50 cycles per day, it is the ideal automation solution for small multi-tenanted applications. It delivers all the necessary logic configurations without any unnecessary complexity.

  • The quiet, powerful drive train delivers smooth and fast door cycles, with soft start and soft stop
  • Logic options can be easily configured to “open only” and “timer-to-close”
  • The operator can be configured to receive a held-open input, making it ideal for fire input panels
  • The extremely durable extruded aluminium rail is available in 2 lengths and features a clever mounting method and integrated cable management
  • The rail can be easily surface mounted for low ceiling carparks

*Additional purchase of Grifco myQ Gateway and Safety IR Beam accessories required to enable myQ functionality.


  • Grifco LS-Drive Motor
  • 1x E960G 4-channel keyring transmitters
  • 1x Battery Backup Unit
  • 1x Tilt Rail
  • Instructions Manual

Product Specifications:

  • Main AC Power Supply: 230-240 Vac 50Hz
  • Max. Pull Force: 1,200N
  • Power: 225W
  • Operating Temperature: +5°C to +40°C

Door Specifications:

  • Max Door Height: 3.0m
  • Max Door Weight: 160kg
  • Max Lift under Spring Tension: 20kg
  • Normal Torque: 8Nm
  • Maximum Door Area: Commercial Spring-Balanced Sectional Doors up to 15m²
  • Max. Door Cycles: 50 cycles / day


  • Operator Length: 370mm
  • Operator Height: 100mm
  • Operator Width: 200mm

Warranty Disclaimer*

Please note that if installing the motor yourself (DIY Installation) you will not receive any warranty on this item. To receive the full warranty this product must be installed by a certified installer.