Remote Pro RPO001 Garage Motor/Opener

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Remote Pro

This ultra slim design two piece Rolling Garage Door Opener is designed to have easy installation with minimal side room. With such a slim design, it will be hard to notice once installed. It can operate up to 25m2 door area by a 24V motor, the roller door will be up or down in no time at all. Featuring a low power consumption LED courtesy light; the garage door opener will automatically light on when the door is moving, which will make entering and exiting in the dark a breeze.

The garage opener is featured with overload protection and obstruction detection for safety. It also has a manual release to enable you manually open the garage door in case of power failure. This motor also includes 2 garage remotes which incorporate four functional buttons, enabling you to remotely control up to 4 separate openers from the one remote.

The motor also features an operate button on the wall unit to allow operation of the door without requiring a remote.

Input voltage: 240V AC, 80W
Motor voltage: 24V DC
Rated door area: 25m2
Maximum door size: 5m*5M(W*H) or total 25sqm.
Temperature: -20°C €“ 70°C
RF frequency: 433MHZ (Rolling Code)
Battery voltage: 12 Volts 27A
Pulling force: 350N
Maxmium door height: 5.0m
Max control distance: 50m
LED: indicated light

Powerful rolling door opener
Can operate doors up to 25m²
Premium LED Festoon courtesy light
Obstruction detection
Equipped with a manual release handle
Automatic closing programming
Rolling Code Technology
Control Box operate button

What's in the box?
1 x Rolling Garage Door Opener
2 x Rolling Code Garage Remotes
1 x Instructions Manual
1 x AU Power Cable