Samsung Smart Wi-Fi Push/Pull Digital Doorlock SHP-DH537MU/AU

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Samsung's keyless digital mortise lock offers security and convenience in a stylish housing and design.

If you or a loved one has ever been locked out of the house, going keyless is a simple decision. No more keys to hide, or get cut and copied.

Giving access to trades, guests, or friends has never been easier. It's 100 user capacity allows you to register multiple users each with their own PIN or RFID key tag.

Automatic locking allows you to feel secure whenever you leave the house by locking behind you whenever you go out. This can also be set to manual if you're in and out of the house frequently.

Our products come complete in the box with all of the parts you'll need including 4 AA batteries, and 2 mechanical backup keys.


  • Double authentication avaliable
  • Random security code feature
  • Voice guidance easy setup
  • Auto-locking
  • Low battery alarm
  • Emergency backup power supply
  • Adjustable volume

Warranty: 2 years electronic / 7 years mechanical

Entry Options:

  • 1x Master PIN
  • x100 PIN Codes
  • x100 RFID Key Tags

Installation Requirements:

  • Door Thickness: 40-60mm
  • Door to Gate Allowance: 70mm
  • Clearance From Door Edge: 120mm
  • Minimum Lock Stile: 115mm