Samsung Smart Wi-Fi Push/Pull Digital Doorlock SHP-DH538MU/AU

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User Manual

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Intrusion Alarm
If someone tries to pull the door forcefully or enter incorrectly more than 5 times consecutively, the Door Lock sounds a warning and disables key authentication for 3 minutes to help prevent trespassing.

Left Home Setup
If you go out frequently or leave home for a long time, you can simply push the Home button to activate the Away mode. After activation, an alarm is set off when the lock is operated from the inside; a sign that a burglar is attempting to make an escape.

In Home Security Mode
Secure your privacy in-home by preventing your door from unlocking from the outside. Keep your personal moments safe from unexpected interference by outside visitors.


  • Double authentication avaliable
  • Random security code feature
  • Voice guidance easy setup
  • Auto-locking
  • Low battery alarm
  • Emergency backup power supply
  • Adjustable volume

Warranty: 2 years electronic / 7 years mechanical

Entry Options:

  • 1x Master PIN
  • x100 PIN Codes
  • x100 RFID Key Tags

Installation Requirements:

  • Door Thickness: 40-60mm
  • Door to Gate Allowance: 70mm
  • Clearance From Door Edge: 120mm
  • Minimum Lock Stile: 115mm