Posted by James Boyle


 A how to guide to clone your MPC3 remote.

Step 1: Erasing Factory Code 

1. Press and hold the top two buttons at the same time (unlock and lock) on the remote we have supplied you. The LED light will flash 3 times. Continue holding both buttons.

2. While still holding LOCK, release the UNLOCK button and then press it 3 times. The LED light will flash constantly to indicate that the factory code has successfully been deleted.

3. Release all buttons.

4. Test: press a button on the remote. If the deletion of the factory code has been successful, the LED should not work when you press any button.

Step 2: Copying the Code from an Existing Operational Remote

1. Place your new remote we have supplied, and your existing operational remote back to back

3. Press and hold the button that operates your door you wish to copy on your original remote -- this will send out the signal for your duplicator remote to learn. When you see the LED light on your duplicator remote start flashing constantly -- then coding has been successful.

4. Release all the buttons, and then test your new remote to make sure that it is working.

How to Restore an Accidently Erased Remote Control

Press and hold the bottom two buttons on your new remote for 5 seconds.