• How to Program a Merlin+ C945 Remote to your Garage Motor/Opener

    Posted by Jason Tapinos

    A detailed set of instruction and video on how to code a new remote to your Merlin motor.

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  • Neighbour's Remote Operating Your Garage?

    Posted by James Boyle

    Very unlikely but can happen where your neighbour's remote can mistakenly operate your garage. It is possible to fix this issue with a few simple steps.

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  • How to replace a Holden Commodore key shell/case/buttons

    Posted by James Boyle

    Holden Commodore Broken Buttons

    Does the above image look familiar? It is a very common occurrence to have the rubber of your Holden Commodore keys wear out. A simple fix of purchasing a new key shell and by following the video below will have you with a new looking key in no time. This shell is also available in two button and one button versions.

    Instructional Video:


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  • Garage Door Security: Fortifying This Vulnerable Part of Your Home

    Posted by James Boyle

    Maintaining the security of your house is no doubt a top priority. As a responsible homeowner, you probably invest heavily in enforcing the security of your front/back doors and windows.

    But we bet you forget to pay attention to another key entry point to your home: the garage door.

    The garage door is not only usually unoccupied, but is also full of re-sellable items. There’s this black market demand for power tools, equipment and accessories related to family vehicles. Stereos, GPS systems and other stuff left in the car are easy to swipe as well. This double whammy means that thieves have all the time in the world to steal anything of value. With a simple calculation of the cost of replacing these things, it is obvious why your garage door security should be top-notch.

    At Remote Pro, we offer a few guidelines on securing such a vulnerable part of a home.

    Fortify with Quality Deadbolts and Hinges
    Make sure your garage door is just as protected as your front door. To do so, install a high-quality deadbolt, and reinforce the hinges to resist a brute-force attack. If possible, we also suggest upgrading to a strong, sturdy door made of reinforced steel or solid wood.

    Install a Security System
    Installing a security system in the garage is Home Security 101. You don’t need to invest in a high-end, expensive system; even a simple door sensor can be an effective burglar deterrent. If anyone tries to enter when the system is set, an alarm will go off and can alert the police.

    Take the Remote with You
    One of the major garage security no-no’s is leaving the remote to the garage door in your car. It’s simple: if someone breaks into your car, they can steal the remote and can easily access your garage and your home.

    A smart solution here is to exchange that remote you clip to your visor to a keychain remote opener, such as the ones we offer here at Remote Pro.

    We have more than 500 garage door remotes you can choose from, which means you can trust us to meet your automation needs. Just name it and we will ship it to you, wherever you are in the world.

    Order a garage door remote through our site today.

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  • How to Replace Hyundai/KIA Flip Key

    Posted by James Boyle

    A simple guide on how to change your old Hyundai key shell to a new shell.

    Step 1: Open old and new key shells (be careful of the spring)
    Step 2: Prepare old blade for new shell
    Step 3: Remove circuit board and battery from old shell
    Step 4: Carefully break away around the transponder chip
    Step 5: Cut away the glue around transponder chip
    Step 6: Transfer transponder chip, battery and circuit board to new shell
    Step 7: Close new case and secure with screw at the back

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