• How to code/program a Boss 2211-L remote to a BRD1 motor

    Posted by James Boyle

    Below is a set of simple steps which shows how to program a new Boss remote to your Boss/Steel-Line BRD1/RD1 motor. 


    1. Remove the faceplate of your wall mounted motor control panel. On the bottom centre of the grey faceplate will be a tiny slot that allows you to insert a flat screwdriver to remove the cover.

    2. Once faceplate is removed, locate the radio set/learn button (small circle red or black button) and push it once. A light will illuminate to indicate your motor is ready to accept a new remote.

    3. Press any button on your new remote that you wish to operate the door once and release. The learning light on the motor control panel with blink to indicate the code has been learnt.

    4. Push the learn/code set button once and release. Test the remote and place the faceplate back onto the motor control panel.

    Video Instructions:

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  • I Want One Remote to Control All of My Doors

    Posted by Jason Tapinos

    Combining remotes it not always as simple as buying a new remote that can operate two types of doors. When purchasing a new remote you must check the brand and model of your motor, the frequency and the model of the remote and most often all of these must match to ensure the new remote will work. 

    In most cases, homes have two different motors installed at different times that use different remotes and you will end up having to carry two or three remotes with you at all times. The most effective way to use one remote for all motors is to add a receiver on one of your motors to match the other.

    We recommend to have a receiver installed by a garage installer as some motors are not as straight forward as others. To put it simply, the receiver is a small box that be connect to Motor A and will allow the remotes that control Motor B to be programmed into the receiver and control Motor A. All of your original remotes will still continue to work on motor A but will still only control Motor A. Motor B's remote will now be able to control both motors.

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  • Lost or Stolen Garage Remote - How to erase your motor memory

    Posted by Jason Tapinos

    Has your garage remote been lost or stolen?

    Generally most of us will simply unplug the motor and leave it turned off until a garage technician has arrived. Every motor has the function to erase the memory which will decode all remotes that have ever been programmed to the motor. The best way to find out how to do this is to google your motors make and model to find your manual online and locate the section on how to erase the memory (this will generally be in the same section on how to code new remotes to your motor). Follow the steps and check that all of your existing remotes are no longer working which will indicate that you have done the procedure correctly. If you do not have any remotes it is a good idea to purchase a new remote and code this to your motor before you erase the codes to ensure that you have done it correctly.

    If you cannot locate the instructions or are not confident to erase the memory, please feel free to give us a call and we will assist over the phone. The assistance is free and you are not require to be an existing customer or purchase a remote from us. Alternatively you can contact your motor's manufacturer which should be able to help also.

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  • B&D Controll-A-Door Garage Remote Programming Instructions

    Posted by James Boyle

    Programming your B&D remote has never been easier. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in the video above and you're all set!

    Step 1: Push and hold the button on the new remote that you wish to operate the motor (do not release this button)

    Step 2: Push and release the CODE SET button once which is located on your motor

    Step 3: Stand clear of the door and test the remote

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  • Marantec D302/D304/D313 Digital/Comfort Garage Remote Cloning Instructions

    Posted by James Boyle

    A quick guide on how to clone your new Marantec remote to your existing remote.

    Step 1: Erasing Factory Code 

    1. Press and hold the top two buttons at the same time on the remote we have supplied you. The LED light will flash 3 times. Continue holding both buttons.

    2. While still holding the first button, release the second button and then press it 3 times. The LED light will flash constantly to indicate that the factory code has successfully been deleted.

    3. Release all buttons.

    4. Test: press a button on the remote. If the deletion of the factory code has been successful, the LED should not work when you press any button.

    Step 2: Copying the Code from an Existing Operational Remote

    1. Place your new remote we have supplied, and your existing operational remote back to back (you may need to try different positions)

    2. Press and hold the button that operates your door you wish to copy on your original remote -- this will send out the signal for your duplicator remote to learn. When you see the LED light on your duplicator remote start flashing constantly -- then coding has been successful.

    3. Release all the buttons, and then test your new remote to make sure that it is working.

    How to Restore an Accidentally Erased Remote Control

    Press and hold the bottom two buttons on your new remote for 5 seconds

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