Posted by Jason Tapinos

With smart home devices being the latest development to give you more control from a single device, there are a few options to enable both your home's gate and garage openers to be operated form your smart phone.


Bluetooth Receivers

Bluetooth receivers like the OmGate and the Remote Pro Bluetooth Receiver allow you to operate your gate/garage motors from your smartphone via Bluetooth. Upside to this option, it is the most affordable of the smart devices available and give you the basic functions of opening and closing your door when within range which eliminates the need to carry your door's remote along with you. Downside is the features are limited and you must be within range (generally slightly closer that you existing remote) to operate the door.

GSM Receivers

GSM receivers allow door operation over the 3G/4G networks by simply placing a phone call or sending a SMS. These are generally used for commercial applications which can easily add and remove users and assign specific permissions. This will essentially allow you to operate the door from anywhere in the world that has cellular signal.

WiFi Receivers

WiFi receivers like iSmartGate for gates and iSmartGate for garages work over your homes internet signal and have fantastic features like operating your garage or gate from anywhere in the world and knowing if the door is currently open/closed or in motion. Certain kits in this range include IP Cameras that will record every time the door opens which allows you total control of the largest door into your home. The only thing to consider when attaching these to a gate with a long driveway is to ensure you have wifi signal at the gate motor as you may need to purchase a wifi repeater to boost your signal.