Posted by Jason Tapinos

As vehicles with Homelink are becoming more popular we decided to provide some more information and insight into how you would use Homelink with your existing gate or garage motor already installed in your home.

Homelink's compatibility is not very detailed and mentions predominantly US brands that it is suitable with, which does not help much for the Australian market. The brands on the list that we also have in Australia include Chamberlain, Guardian, LiftMaster and Marantec. Even though your motor may be this brand, this does not confirm it will be suitable with Homelink. We have had some customers with success with their existing system which also includes the brand Homentry and we are working on compiling a full list of brands and motor model numbers.

For the many that do not have a compatible Homelink motor we have a simple solution to our product the Tesla Homelink Garage/Gate Receiver which can be purchased along side the compatible remote.

This product once wired into to your motor will allow you to connect Homelink to the receiver which will then be able to operate your door. This receiver will be suitable for 99.9% of motors. All the motor requires is accessible terminals that allow a push button or wall switch to wire the receiver into.

Generally we recommend for this item to be installed by either an electrician or garage technician. A basic wiring guide can be found below:

Terminal/Wiring Guide:

V+ (receiver) > usually called 12V, 24V V+ (motor)
GND (receiver) > usually called COM, Common, GND, 0V (motor)
CH1 - Left (receiver) > usually called PB, WB, OSC (motor)
CH1 - Right (receiver) > usually called COM, Common, GND, 0V (motor)

This receiver is 2 channel which means if the motors are next to each other you can wire in two different motors to the same receiver. If you motors are not close you will require one receive per motor.

Compatible Motors That will not require a receiver:

HomEntry HESDO1