Posted by James Boyle

Programming your Gliderol remote to the motor doesn't have to be a complex task. At Remote Pro, we've put together a straightforward step-by-step guide to make the process hassle-free. Whether you have a genuine Gliderol remote or an aftermarket one, follow these simple instructions to get your remote programmed in no time.

Step 1: Remove the Light Cover on Your Motor

Start by locating the light cover on your Gliderol motor. Carefully remove the cover to reveal the internal components. This step allows you access to the learn button on your motor.

Step 2: Press the Learn Button on Your Motor

Identify the learn button on your Gliderol motor. Press the button, and you should see a red light illuminate. It's crucial to note that if the red light doesn't illuminate beside the button you pressed, you might be using the wrong button. Double-check and ensure you're pressing the correct one.

Step 3: Press Button A or Button 1 on Your Gliderol

Remote Within five seconds of pressing the learn button, grab your Gliderol genuine or aftermarket remote. Press either Button A or Button 1 – the specific button may vary depending on your remote model. The red light on the motor will go out, indicating that the remote has been successfully programmed.

Step 4: Remote Successfully Programmed

Congratulations! Your Gliderol remote is now programmed to the motor. The red light going out is a clear indicator that the process is complete. You can now enjoy the convenience of controlling your Gliderol motor with your newly programmed remote.

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