Posted by James Boyle

Keeping your Subaru on the move requires more than just fuel – it needs a functioning key fob. If you've found yourself with a flat battery in your Subaru Forester, Impreza, Liberty, or Outback remote key, fear not. Remote Pro is here with a detailed yet straightforward guide on replacing the CR1620 battery, ensuring you stay in control of your vehicle effortlessly.

Step 1: Identify the Battery Type

The first step is to identify the battery your Subaru key fob needs. Generally, the required battery information, in this case, CR1620, is inscribed on the existing battery. Take a moment to locate this information before proceeding.

Step 2: Open the Key Fob

Using a small flathead screwdriver or your nails, gently pry open the key fob. Take care not to damage the casing during this step. Most Subaru key fobs have a seam along the edge where you can carefully insert the tool and pop open the case.

Step 3: Remove the Old Battery

Once the key fob is open, carefully remove the old CR1620 battery. Be mindful of the positive (+) and negative (-) sides of the battery. Note the orientation as you'll need to insert the new battery in the same way.

Step 4: Insert the New CR1620 Battery

Take your new CR1620 battery and place it into the designated slot. Ensure the positive and negative sides align correctly with the markings inside the key fob. Gently press down to secure the battery in place.

Step 5: Close the Key Fob

With the new battery snugly in place, it's time to close the key fob. Press the two halves together until you hear a satisfying click, indicating that the casing is securely closed.

There you have it – a quick and easy guide to replacing the flat battery in your Subaru Forester, Impreza, Liberty, or Outback key fob. Following these simple steps ensures your key fob stays powered up, providing you with convenient access to your vehicle. Remember, use the recommended CR1620 battery for optimal performance. For more expert tips and solutions, stay tuned to Remote Pro – your go-to source for all things key fob related.