Wurth 2000 Adhesive Lubricant HHS

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Product Specifications:

This is a partially synthetic oil formulated to withstand exceptionally high pressures. It effectively eliminates bothersome squeaks and creaks while demonstrating outstanding flow and penetration capabilities, along with providing commendable corrosion protection. This lubricant exhibits strong adhesion, ensuring it remains in place even when applied to parts that turn and rotate. It is compatible with O-rings/X-rings and plastics, and it maintains a neutral interaction with painted surfaces. Resistant to both splash water and salt water, as well as weak acids and bases, it is entirely devoid of silicone, resin, and acids.

Technical Specifications:

  • Chemical Basis: Hydrocarbon
  • Oil Basis: Mineral Oil
  • Colour: Yellowish
  • Fragrance: Oil
  • Density: 0.742 g/cm³
  • Density conditions: 20°C
  • Min. temperature conditions: -25 °C
  • Max. temperature conditions: 180 °C
  • Max. temperature resistance: 200 °C
  • Min. flashing point of active ingredient: 300 °C
  • Kinematic oil basis viscosity: 1500 cSt
  • Silicone-free: Yes
  • Acid-free: Yes
  • Resin-free: Yes
  • AOX-free: Yes
  • Resistance against: Salt water, Weak lyes, Weak acids, Splash
  • Contents: 500 ml
  • Container: Can
  • Shelf Life From Production: 24 months