ATA ATS-2 Tempo Sectional Garage Motor/Opener (No Rail)

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With today's technology you can expect more from garage door automation. Tempo features a fast opening speed, smooth up and down door operation, and a bright LED light for convenience. This supercharged motor has the power to lift single and double garage doors. And, for your peace of mind, Tempo offers advanced safety features plus a 7-year/20,000 cycle warranty.

Please Note: This does not include the rail. Ideal for when you need to replace your motor head and can still use your existing rail.


  • Fast Opening Speed
This motor boasts a range of opening speed options for optimal performance. A faster opening minimises the wait time; if this is important to you, choose Tempo.
    • Safety without compromise
    Tempo features an auto-reverse function making your home's largest moving object - the garage door, safer to operate. This model is compatible with non-contact safety beams to further protect your family, pet and possessions.
      • Secure & Reliable Access Control
      Remote controls and wall button are designed to work every time you press the button. ATA's patented TrioCode 128 encryption avoids interference from wireless devices within your home and prevents code grabbing.

      Remotes Included: 2 (PTX-6v1)



      • 1 x ATS-2 Tempo Opener
      • 1 x WTX-6V1 Wall mounted TrioCode128 Remote Button
      • 2 x PTX-6v1 Remotes
      • 1 x Door Attachment Arms
      • 1 x Installation Instructions
      • 7 Years/20,000 Cycles Manufacturers Warranty*

      *Warranty Disclaimer

      *Please Note: To receive full manufacturer warranty, you must be able to provide proof of install by a garage installer and the door must have a regular servicing history as per the manufacturer terms and conditions which can be found on the manufacturer's website or in your user manual

      Short Term Peak Force 1100N
      Maximum Door Weight Up to 200kg
      Maximum Recommended Door Size 18m2
      Minimum Head Room Requirement 57mm
      Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
      Rated Power Input 165W
      Rated Voltage Range
      230-240V a.c. 50Hz
      Receiver Type
      Multi-frequency UHF FM (433.47, 433.92 & 434.37MHz)
      Coding System TrioCode128, code hopping
      Code Combinations 3.4x1038 code combinations
      Transmitter Capacity
      Main Light LED (Light Emitting Diodes)
      Network Connectivity Compatible (Requires Smart Phone Kit)