ATA Elite SGO-1v4 Swing Gate Motor/Opener Minimum Side Room Kit 90182/62292

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  • ATA Elite SGO-1
  • ATA Elite SGO-1v4

Fitting The Minimum Sideroom Kit

If you have limited sideroom, an optional minimum sideroom kit reduces the gate opener’s required sideroom to the width of the drive unit (135mm). (ATA Order code 90182).

a. Drill Ø12.5 hole in the Elite® Drive Arm Extension (use hole in the minimum sideroom kit extension arm 1 as a guide).

b. Secure the extension arm 1 onto the Elite® drive arm extension with two (2) Hex M12 x 30 screws 2 and two (2) spring washers 3 . Fit a Hex M12 Nut 2 to the end of the screw in the new hole that has been drilled.

c. Check that the screws are tight.

d. Check that the Drive Unit is disengaged and the gate is closed. Slide the Guide Track 8 over the idler 6 if you have previously removed. Locate Track on the gate and check travel of the Arm. The idler should always be inside the Guide Track in the closed and open positions.

e. Secure the track to the gate (weld if possible).

NOTE: If a shorter arm is required, drill the drive arm extension and extension arm where appropriate. You should not have to cut the arms and you should still be able to use the pre-threaded hole in the drive arm extension.