ATA Solar Elite SGO-1v4 Single Swing Gate Motor/Opener Kit

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Solar Manual

A proven design that has endured for over 15 years, the performance and strength of the Elite® SGO-1 has made it an industry icon. This unassuming looking opener features a powerful DC motor, robust gearing, articulated arms for smooth operation, and configurability with 2, 3 or 5 wire installs.

The Elite® SGO-1 is tough, weather-resistant and built for Australian conditions. At its heart is a powerful DC motor linked to a robust, low maintenance gearbox. This power is transferred to the articulated drive arms, which offer smooth operation and reduced stress on the entire installation. Rounding out this reliability mix are highly effective micro-switch limits that reduce complication and enhance longevity. When paired with our DCB-05 Control System it provides a host of operating modes and variations in performance to suit your needs.

With the advance of solar technology, it makes great sense to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and simplify the complexity of some installs.

Your gate opener can be powered continually using the sun€™s energy through ATA's SmartSolar Ready Solar Power system. The system€™s efficient design requires only a single solar panel per opener, and incorporates a battery system so your opener works at night or during bad weather.

Smart Phone Control is available as an upgrade option. This innovative feature allows you to control and monitor your gate remotely from your smartphone - from anywhere as long as wifi is within range.

Also offering a wide range of accessories to choose from, such as safety beams for to ensure the gate does not close if there is something in the way and backlit digital keypads for added convenience and secure access.

1 x Elite SGO-1v4 Motor
1 x DCB-05V2 Control Board
1 x Control Board Weather Proof Box
4 x Control Board Mounts
2 x PTX-5v2 Remotes
1 x Safety Slave Arm
1 x Drive Arm
2 x Accessory Pack
1 x Solar Panel - 30 WATT STP030-12/Lb
1 x Battery Pack (2 X 12 Ah) - Includes Weatherproof Box
1 x Charger Board (With Harness)
1 x Installation Sheet
1 x Installation Instructions

*Warranty Disclaimer

*Please Note: To receive full manufacturer warranty, you must be able to provide proof of install by a garage installer and the door must have a regular servicing history as per the manufacturer terms and conditions which can be found on the manufacturer's website or in your user manual

Motor Specifications:

Motor Type


Maximum gate weight

Up to 300 kg

Maximum gate width

4 m

Driving force

200 N

Power Supply Voltage

230V - 240V Vac 50Hz
Travel speed 8° per second

Dimensions (w x h x d)

275mm H x 250mm W x 170mm D

Weather resistance rating


Motor type

24 DC Permanent Magnet


2 years / 5,000 cycles

Solar Specifications:
SmartSolarV2 Technical Specifications* Garage Door Sliding Gate Swing Gate 
Load Voltage 24 24 24
Load Continuous Current 3 - 5A 5A 5 - 10A
Number of Cycles per Day 10 10 10
Average Cycle Time (Opening and Closing) 40 seconds 90 seconds 72 seconds

Max. Standby Current

Without P.E. Beams

With P.E. Beams

With 2 x P.E. Beams













Average total consumption current per day

Without P.E. Beams

With P.E. Beams

With 2 x P.E. Beams


2.75 - 3Ah

4.66 - 4.8Ah








3.4 - 4.4Ah

5.31 - 6.3Ah

7.23 - 8.23Ah

Average total consumption current per hour

Without P.E. Beams

With P.E. Beams

With 2 x P.E. Beams


0.11 - 0.13A

0.194 - 0.2A






0.14 - 0.18A

0.22 - 0.26A

0.3 - 0.343A

Recommended storage battery capacity / voltage 10.5Ah/24v 12Ah/24V 12 - 18Ah/24V
Wire Gauge and Length from Battery to Charger board (max) 18AWG, 3m 18AWG, 3m 18AWG, 3m
Solar panel average rated output generation time per day (winter months) 4 hours 4 hours 4 hours
Solar Panel Output voltage / current 18V / 1.19A 18V / 1.75A 18V / 1.75A
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