KeyDIY 4 Button Flip Key with Panic to suit B08-4

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There are many different designs of remotes to choose from within the KeyDIY (KD) range, enabling you to select a style that either matches the original remote or a style your customer prefers.

The B series remotes, sold in blue packaging, require an appropriate transponder to be fitted.

The NB series remotes, sold in red packaging, are fitted with an integrated transponder on the board.

The ZB series remotes, sold in blue packaging, includes an integrated transponder and a safety blade (instead of a flip key blade). The ZB series are used for smart/proximity keys.

All remotes require a key blade, roll pin and a CR2032 battery.


  • 4 Buttons (Lock, Boot, Unlock, Panic)
  • Programmable frequency
  • CR2032 3V (not included)
  • KeyDIY KD900
  • KeyDIY KD-X2
  • Suitable For Remote King KD-B08-4
  • Suitable For KeyDIY B Series
  • Suitable For KeyDIY devices
  • Ceramic Chip Only

Manufacturer: KeyDIY

KeyDIY Remote Series: B Series

Model: B08-4

Colour: Black

Weight: 40g

Buttons: 4

Panic: Yes

Transponder: No

Smart: No

Battery Compliance
This product has been tested and approved by a third party and is compliant with AS62368.1.

Battery Type: CR2032
Battery Access Type: Tool Required
AS62368.1 Compliant: Yes
Battery Included: No
Contains Coin Battery: Yes