Centsys D5 Evo 240V Slide Gate Motor/ Opener (With Rack)

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The D5-Evo is an operator suitable for both residential and light-industrial purposes. It is engineered to smoothly operate sliding gates weighing up to 500kg. This system features a specially designed gearbox crafted from durable engineering polymers, in conjunction with a robust 12V DC motor. This combination ensures swift and dependable automation for entrances to homes and small housing estates.

Operating on a 12V battery stored within the operator, a switch mode charger is employed to consistently maintain the battery at full charge. This battery serves as a crucial safeguard in case of power failures. Additionally, there is an option to utilise solar power as an alternative energy source for recharging the battery.


  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface: The system boasts an interactive graphical user interface facilitated by a backlit LCD display, ensuring user-friendly navigation and operation.
  • Automated Gate Endpoint Setup: It offers automated configuration of gate endpoints (limits), streamlining the initial setup process.
  • Fail-Safe Collision Detection: Equipped with fail-safe collision detection and adjustable auto-reverse sensitivity, the system prioritises safety by promptly responding to potential obstructions.
  • Smooth Start/Stop Functionality: Enjoy smooth gate operation with adjustable ramp-up and ramp-down features, enhancing both performance and longevity.
  • Versatile Operational Modes: The system provides multiple operational modes, allowing for flexibility in gate usage and control.
  • Selectable Autoclosing: Users have the option to select and fine-tune autoclosing parameters, further customising gate functionality.
  • Pedestrian Opening: This feature enables a partial gate opening for pedestrian access, adding convenience and security.
  • Positive Close Mode: The system incorporates a Positive Close Mode, ensuring a secure and reliable closure every time.
  • Independent Safety Inputs: Dedicated inputs for opening and closing beams offer an additional layer of safety during gate operation.
  • Automatic Beam Testing: The system conducts automatic tests for both opening and closing beams, ensuring their proper functionality.
  • Advanced Beam Alarm Functions: Enjoy advanced beam alarm functions, providing enhanced security measures.
  • Robust Lightning/Surge Protection: The system is equipped with advanced lightning and surge protection, safeguarding against electrical disturbances.
  • Timed Courtesy Light Output: It includes a timed courtesy light output, providing illumination during specified periods for added convenience and safety.
  • Multiple Pre-Flashing Modes: Users can select from various pre-flashing modes, enhancing visibility and safety during gate operation.
  • Adjustable Motor Speed: The motor speed is independently adjustable for both opening and closing directions, allowing for precise control.
  • Onboard NOVA Code-Hopping Radio Receiver: The system features an onboard NOVA Code-Hopping radio receiver with full channel mapping capability, supporting up to 500 buttons.
  • ChronoGuard Timer (Patent Pending): This innovative timer function allows for auto-activation of various physical inputs and outputs, as well as time-barring of the same inputs and outputs, including remote controls.

With this extensive feature set, the Interactive Gate Control System combines advanced technology with user-friendly operation, ensuring optimal performance and safety in gate automation.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Input Voltage: 90 - 240V AC +/-10%, 50Hz
    • Current consumption (mains): 170mA
    • Motor Power Supply: Battery-driven – 2A charger
    • Motor Voltage: 12V DC
    • Current Consumption (motor at rated load): 10A
    • Push Force – Starting: 30kgf
    • Push Force – Rated: 17kgf
    • Maximum Gate Mass: 500kg
    • Maximum Gate Length: 100m
    • Gate Speed at Push Force: 22m/min
    • Gate Speed at Rated Push Force: 18m/min
    • Duty Cycle: 50%
    • Maximum Daily Cycle: 150 Cycles
    • Manual Override: Lockable with key release
    • Operating Temperature Range: -15°C to +50°C
    • Degree of Protection: IP55
    • Transmitter Frequency:  433MHz
    • Motor Memory Capacity:  500 Transmitter Buttons

    Packaging Dimensions: 30.3cm x 23.1cm x 43.2cm

    Weight: 10kg


    • 1x Centsys D5 EVO Motor
    • 2x Centsys Nova Remots
    • 2x Manual Over-Ride Keys
    • 1x Battery Backup
    • 1x Hardware Mounting Pack
    • 4x 1m Gate Racking
    • 1x Battery Backup

    *Warranty Disclaimer

    *Please Note: To receive full manufacturer warranty, you must be able to provide proof of install by a garage installer and the door must have a regular servicing history as per the manufacturer terms and conditions which can be found on the manufacturer's website or in your user manual