Centurion Nova Centsys 2 Button Blue Genuine Remote

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How to change battery

D5 Program Video

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  • Free Coding Instructions


  • D2 Turbo (Sliding)
  • D3 (Sliding) - must use remote with blue buttons not green
  • D5 (Sliding) - must use remote with blue buttons not green
  • D5 Evo (Sliding)
  • D10 (Sliding)
  • D10 Turbo (Sliding)
  • A10 (Sliding)
  • R3 (Rotary Arm)
  • R5 (Rotary Arm)
  • Vantage 400 (Swing)
  • Vantage 500 (Swing)
  • Vector 400 (Swing)
  • Vector 500 (Swing)
  • Vert-X 300 (Swing)
  • Please note: Your current remote must look the same as the remote in the main image with either coloured or all blue buttons
  • Transmitter Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Battery: 23A 12V
  • Coding Type: Rolling
  • Control up to 2 doors

Dimensions: 3.48W x 5.92L x 1.54D cm

    Battery Type: 23A
    Battery Access Type: Tool Required
    AS62368.1 Compliant: Not applicable
    Battery Included: Yes
    Contains Coin Battery: No