Centurion Centsys Smart 1CH Genuine Receiver

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Please Note: This receiver works with the Smart Centsys remotes which are green and will not work with the blue remotes which require the helix receiver.


  • Choose between ultra-secure Master Learning and super convenient Link Learning.
  • Learn Links can be disabled for added security.
  • Supports both latching and pulsed operation.
  • Convenient Autolearn feature.
  • Features secure code-hopping technology.
  • Receivers are self-learning, with either one, two or four channels.
  • Receivers incorporate stable narrow-band technology.
  • Highly robust dust-proof and weatherproof enclosures.
  • Excellent immunity to external interference for outstanding reliability.
  • High sensitivity delivers improved range.
  • Adjustable pulse times on outputs

Frequency: 433.92 MHz

Channels: 1

For compatible remotes for this receiver please Click Here

Please note: We recommend to have this receiver installed by a professional garage installer.