Garage/Gate Safety/PE Beam Reflector Photo Eye Sensor

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The Reflector PE Sensor boasts formidable resistance against sunlight interference, capable of withstanding up to 100,000Lux. It employs cutting-edge optical technology for extended-distance detection. Additionally, it demonstrates top-tier electromagnetic compatibility, offering strong resistance to electromagnetic interference. The sensor comes equipped with short-circuit protection, output protection, and reverse polarity protection, streamlining the wiring process for enhanced convenience.

Technical Specifications:

  • Distance:  10M
  • Light Source: Red Light 660nm
  • Working Voltage: DC/AC - 12-24V
  • Current: <40mA
  • IP: IP67
  • Relay Contact: DC 1A 240VAC/ 30 VDC AC 3A 30VDC/250VAC
  • Operating: -25°C - 55°C
  • Power-on Delay: 200ms
  • Reaction Time: <30ms
  • Repeatability: 10%
  • Ouput Indication: Green light for power indication, red light for output indication
  • Protective: Short circuit protection, output protection, reverse polarity protection
  • Housing Material: PMMA ABS characteristic plastic, lens PMMA
  • Wiring: Standard 2-meter wire output or 6-meter output


  • 1x Sensor
  • 1x Reflector
  • 2x Metal Bracket
  • 2x Screws
  • 2x Nuts