Complete Mitsubishi Remote Key 3 Button Lancer Outlander Colt Mirage MIT11R

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What you receive?
1 x Complete Uncut Key
Please Note: Our products are not provided with logos
What is not included?
- Programming
- Key Cutting
Is this compatible with my car/key?
Yes, if your key is one of the following models and your current key/remote looks identical to the product pictured in the main image.
Please Note: There are various blades styles of this key. Ensure that your key blade is identical and has a groove along the right hand side.
  • Colt
  • Lancer
  • Mirage
  • Outlander
1. Take the item to a locksmith for programming
2. Have the key blade cut by a locksmith if required
Please Note: Ensure key is programmed successfully before cutting the key
1. This is a complete key with electronics inside
2. Our keys are not included with logos
3. Our key will be suitable if your current key looks identical
4. Programming and cutting of the key must be performed by an automotive locksmith

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