Counter Balance Lever Arm for Weighing Garage Doors

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Experience effortless garage door weighing with our Counter Balance Lever Arm. Designed for precision and ease, this tool works seamlessly with any standard bathroom scale (not included) to accurately determine the weight of garage doors up to 1,250lbs. Simply position your door on the shaft and multiply the scale reading by five to obtain the precise weight of your door.

Main Features:

  • Compatible with most bathroom scales.
  • Can weigh doors up to 567kg with accuracy.
  • Simple setup, no technical skills needed.

This Counter Balance Lever Arm is an indispensable tool for garage door service technicians and DIY enthusiasts alike. Its robust design and precise engineering ensure reliable measurements every time, streamlining the process of garage door installation and maintenance. Eliminate the guesswork and ensure your garage door is perfectly balanced with our dependable lever arm.