Ditec AXK4 4 Channel Digital Keypad

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Digital keypad for radio control with four channels, designed for home automation and operated using four customizable numeric codes. This keypad offers dual power supply options, allowing operation either with a 9 V DC battery or by connecting it to a 24 V DC electrical control panel.

The signal is transmitted to the control panel through various Ditec radio protocols, including fixed code, rolling code, AES-128bit Encrypted, and PROTECTED Mode. Configuration is easily done using the ZEN Pad and SW ZEN Manager.

This keypad features a back-lit keypad and integrated light for status signals. It can be mounted on a die-cast aluminum vertical stand with a height of h=1000 mm or directly on a wall.

The AXK4 and AXK4P models are designed to seamlessly integrate with other system accessories, such as AXP2 photocells, AXR7 transponder technology control devices with proximity control, ensuring a well-coordinated and aesthetically pleasing design.