Nice F210B Blue Bus Photocells X2

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Impeccable Installations with Adjustable Synchronised Photocells

Our synchronised photocells offer a versatile range of motion, adjustable up to 210 degrees horizontally and 30 degrees vertically, thanks to the cutting-edge Nice BlueBUS technology.

Introducing the 210-Degree Solution: The Nice F210 and F210B photocells provide an expanded horizontal scope of 210 degrees, enhancing the safety measures of your system while streamlining the installation process.

Please note that F210B is exclusively compatible with 'BlueBUS' networks.

Diverse Models, Innumerable Benefits: Our new photocells are offered with either a relay output (F210) or the advanced Nice BlueBUS technology (F210B). With BlueBUS, connecting all devices to the control unit becomes a breeze, requiring just two wires.

Leading-Edge Technology: Our anti-blinding circuit resolves interference issues between sensors and ensures seamless synchronisation among multiple pairs of photocells. Additionally, enjoy two-level adjustable high range, a synchronising circuit, and proportional LED alignment for a straightforward and secure installation.

Adaptable to Any Architectural Environment with Easy Installation: These photocells are designed to complement any architectural setting and are effortlessly installed.

Robust and Secure: Encased in durable polycarbonate, our photocells also offer an optional FA1 vandal-proof metal shell for added security.


  • 2x Blue Bus Photocells
  • All Fixings

    Technical Specifications:

    Range: 10m

    IP Rating: IP44

    Power Supply: 12-24V AC/DC

    Dimensions: 128H x 46W x 45D mm

    Connection Type: Bus Wiring

    Warranty: 12 months