Genuine Grifco Wall Button

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Discover superior control with the Genuine Grifco Wall Button E138G, a premium solution designed to elevate your garage door experience. Crafted with precision and innovation, this wall button combines sleek design with intuitive functionality for seamless operation.

Engineered for longevity and reliable performance, the Genuine Grifco Wall Button E138G is a testament to Grifco's commitment to quality. Enhance your garage door system with advanced technology and trust in the genuine Grifco brand to optimise functionality.

Upgrade your garage access controls with the 2-Channel wall button for a stylish and dependable addition. 

Compatibility List:

  • CR625EVO (Chamberlain HandyLift Plus 2.0)
  • CR655MYQ (Chamberlain Rollerlift)
  • CS100EVO (Chamberlain Powerlift Plus)
  • CS60EVO (Chamberlain Powerlift)
  • E-Drive (Grifco 2.0)
  • LR-Drive (Grifco 2.0)
  • LS-Drive (Grifco 2.0)
  • MJ3800MYQ (Commander Ultimate)
  • MR550EVO (Weatherdrive)
  • MR650EVO (Silent Drive)
  • MR655EVO (Quietdrive Pro)
  • MR655MYQ (Silentdrive Essential)
  • MR850EVO (Silent Drive)
  • MR855EVO (Silentdrive Pro)
  • MR855MYQ (Silentdrive Elite)
  • MRC950EVO (Overdrive)
  • MS105MYQ (Commander Elite)
  • MS125MYQ (Commander Extreme)
  • MS65MYQ (Commander Essential)
  • MT100EVO (Tiltmaster)
  • MT110MYQ (Commander myQ)
  • MT120EVOPS (CyclonePro)
  • MT3850EVO (Whisperdrive)
  • MT50EVO (EntryLift)
  • MT60EVO (Powerace)
  • S-Drive (Grifco 2.0)
  • ST50EVOB (Steel-Line)
  • ST50EVOB1 (Steel-Line)
  • ST50EVOC (Steel-Line)
  • E943 (Remote)
  • E943G (Remote)
  • E945 (Remote)
  • E945G (Remote)
  • E950M (Remote)
  • E960G (Remote)

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Battery Type: CR2032
  • Code Type: Rolling Code
  • Number of channel: 2
  • Number of Buttons:


  • 1x E138G Grifco Wall Button
  • 1x Free Battery
  • Mounting Hardware