Key Automation RXM23Y Receiver

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Key Automation


Key Automation Garage/Gate Receiver

Frequency: 433.92 MHz

Capacity: 500 remotes per Channel

Channels: 2

Dimensions: 85W x 25H x 40D mm

Voltage: 12-24V

Operating Temperature: -20°C + 50°C


Terminal/Wiring Guide:

12/24 (receiver) > usually called 12V, 24V V+ (motor)
VAC/VDC (receiver) > usually called COM, Common, GND, 0V (motor)
OUT1- Left (receiver) > usually called PB, WB, OSC (motor)
OUT1- Right (receiver) > usually called COM, Common, GND, 0V (motor)

Please Note: Receivers are not included with instructions or wires and there will be no specific instructions on how to wire/connect this to your motor. You must cross reference the guide above with your motor manual. For easy DIY receiver upgrade, please refer to our receiver upgrade kits.

Please Note: All receiver are recommended to be installed by a professional