King Gates V-30 Infrared Safety Sensor for Gates

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King Gates


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Safety beams are devices to prevent the gate from closing on objects.

Safety beams, also called photocell, recommended to any gate and compulsory for gates set with automatic closing program

These sets work by sending Infrared, invisible, ray between the units and across the driveway.

When the Infrared ray interrupted by object as car / person etc. the gate will stop or retract.

The V 30 is active set including two units receiver (RX) and transmitter (TX).

The units are wired to the gate control box. The transmitter requires 2 wires and the receiver 3 or better 4 wires.

Gate motor can use one, or more V30 sets. For opening , for closing and different high positions.

The unit powered by 24V AC/DC with optional 12V AC/DC

Synchronization is optional (on AC power only)