Nice MCA2 Control Board

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The MCA2 (MC424L) is designed to seamlessly substitute the control board within control units. It offers full compatibility with the MC424L control unit from Nice, allowing for a straightforward replacement process. The MCA2 is specifically designed for the management of two 24 V motors, typically used in the automation of swing gates within the Wingo and Toona range operating at 24Vcc. One of the standout features of the MCA2 Control Board is its intelligent stand-by function, which enhances efficiency and conserves energy.


  • 1x Niced MCA2 Control Board


  • Nice MC424L Control Unit

 Technical Specifications:

  • Mains Supply: 230 ± 10% Vac 50/60 Hz;
  • Battery Supply: 21 ÷ 28 Vdc
  • Motor Power: 75 VA
  • Max Current: 3A
  • Tense. and Max. Power Light Signaling Device Output Intermediate: 24V; 25W
  • Voltage and maximum power output light indicator AC: 24V; 2W
  • Voltage and power max electric lock output: 12Vac; 15 VA

Case Dimensions: 23cm x 12.5cm x 30cm

Warranty: 12 months