Peterson Lockpick Tools - 4 Wonder Waves - GSP PICK GROUP

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The Wonder Waves are the complete set of Wave Picks. Two are the Cycloid with sharper peaks for a grabby action. You get the C4 which is the Quad with 1/4" waves and the C5 which is the Quint with 1/5" waves. You will also get the Sinusoid C6 Quad and C7 Quint. These have a gentler action than the Cycloids and have more rounded peaks. Put the complete set of Waves in your arsenal.

As we are currently lasering these picks, they have no longer have letters identifying them, so we are now molding the Gov Steel "Waves" sets in 4 unique colors so that they are more easily identified. The individual "Waves" are still available molded in black (while supplies last).