Peterson Lockpick Tools - Ghost Pick Set - GSP

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The Peterson GHOST Pick Set is designed for our friends who wanted a small, high quality set for normal daily use that fits easily in a pocket. We added padded comfort by using our often copied nylon logo case. This is a Government Steel set; which means it is forgiving of harsh treatment. Does it cost a little more? Sure - but this steel will save you money by outlasting most other picks. Contents: 6 Gov Steel Picks with handles. H1-GSP Hook 1 H5-GSP Hook 5 PR-GSP Peterson Reach BG-1 GSP Bogie series 1 in 0.025 BG-2-18 GSP Bogie series 2 in 0.018 LR-GSP Long Ripple Our position on turning tools is that the picker would rather put a flex twist exactly where they want it. So instead of creating hundreds of flex positions we provide a selection of HIGH QUALITY Government Steel Turning Tools that the user can adjust to their personal needs. Contents: SEVEN Gov Steel tension tools. PPB-LT-NT Pry Bar Lite no teeth, and the I LIKE BENT-6, a six piece bent tension tool set. Although it is listed as TTB-EAGLE-6 in the contents list, it became I LIKE BENT-6 when we made them available for retail sale, in Tension Tools.