Peterson Lockpick Tools - Gem - Plastic Gov Steel

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Our robust Gov Steel Peterson Gem offered in a Plastic Handle. Our top selling GS Plastic Handle (Government Steel Plastic) Series Picks, are made to our "EURO" design approach that incorporates a reduced "shank" height for easier pick access into key ways that were designed to be restrictive. The hard fiber filled handles readily transmit every vibration from your picking, and the pick's light weight makes them extremely agile and responsive. Our Government steel is a legend in itself: Our proprietary steel is high tensile, but at the same time it is ductile instead of brittle. The textured handles insure your grip is secure. Many people however favor our Rubber handle picks when available in the profile they desire (also in Euro design). These customers may work in colder or hotter environments and they enjoy the insulating characteristics of the rubber handles. Others in this group may have arthritis, or just enjoy the comfort that rubber provides. I myself also enjoy rubber handles, and as I tend to place my fore finger on the metal shank while picking I can also feel the vibrations from the lock.