Peterson Lockpick Tools - Pry Bar Lite - 0.040

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GREAT FOR TOP OF KEY WAY PICKING. Who says you can't please everyone? When several locksmiths felt our original pry bar was too thick for some of their needs, we did just that. Now almost everyone buys both! At 0.040" the Peterson Pry Bar Lite has the same great features as our Pry Bar, but with a little more flexibility of key way fit. Of course it has our serrated edge technology applied to lock it in the key way! It is made from the same Government Stainless Steel that made the original pry bar such a hit in the field.

Please Note: These tools have a small "nub" midway on one side of the approximately 0.156 wide central width of the tool. This is the remnant from a "laser tab" created to hold the part in the sheet when the parts are laser cut. Our polishing tumbler rounds and smooths this tab to a very small smooth rounded lump typically protruding out of the side about 0.015 (15 thousandths, about the thickness of a matchbook cover). Most of our customers don't find any issue with this small inconsistency one one side of the otherwise perfectly straight edges of the tool.

If we were to take the time to file it at the factory we would have to pass on that extra operation's cost to purchasers. As less than 1% have ever mentioned it to us we feel it would be unfair to raise our costs (and prices) for the other 99% of our customers. If you find it to be objectionable, it is easily filed off to your specific standards. Thanks for understanding.

But we are tumbeling them longer to reduce the nub somewhat. This also reduces the tooth projections, but they still lock in nicely.