Security Alarm Reed Switch To Suit Remootio - Extra Sensor

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These encapsulated reed/magnet switches with leads are exceptionally small in size, making them perfect for use in home and car security systems. Their diminutive dimensions facilitate easy concealment, reducing the likelihood of detection by potential intruders. Crafted from molded plastic, these switches offer reliable performance.

The reed switch contacts are closed when both units are in close proximity, allowing current to flow. When separated, the contacts open, interrupting the circuit. They are configured as Normally Closed (NC) per pair.

In terms of contact operation, the circuit is closed when the magnet is positioned alongside the switch. In alarm installations, this is considered the "normal" state, indicating that the door/window is secure and the alarm is armed.

Product Dimensions: 3.3cm x 1.5cm x 0.85cm

Cable Length: 30cm

Product Mounting: 

  • Securing Method: Screw Down
  • Mounting Method: Surface
  • Overall Screw Spacing: 1.8cm