Letron SL3000D DIY Sliding Gate Motor Kit - Mains Powered

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The Letron Sliding Gate Opener SL3000 24V DC is the perfect solution for your needs. This powerful yet easy-to-use system will provide you with secure and reliable access control to any property. With its adjustable speed settings, you can customize the motion of your gate depending on your personal preferences.

1 x Motor Unit
1 x Control Board
1 x Receiver Board
2 x Remote Controls
1 x Battery
2 x Manual Release Key
4 x 1M Gear Rack
1 x Power Supply

Security Code Store
The Sliding Gate Motor uses state of the art Microchip® technology in storing your Slider Code Transmitter Security Code. Up to 20 different transmitters can be stored in the non-volatile memory device. To store any code simply press the LEARN button on the motor and press the transmitter button twice. The codes can be deleted at any time. Security is enhanced because the fixed and encrypted sections combined increase the number of combinations to 7.38 x 109. There is no Dip switch on the motor which can be visually seen and copied.

Open and Close Drive Button
Another feature developed to aid in the installation of the Sliding Gate Motor is the O/S/C Button. This button is used to help set the open and close limit positions. A quicker time setting and a more precise limit position can be achieved using this system.

Auto Close Mode
The Sliding Gate Motor can be programmed to automatically close at a selected period (eg. Thirty seconds) after the gate has opened. A photoelectric beam must be installed if this mode is selected.

Photo Electric Beam
The Sliding Gate Motor has an input for a Photo-Electric Beam to be connected for extra safety protection. (This needed to be purchased separately with your sliding gate)

Technical Specifications
Power supply: 24V AC Transformer
Starting current: < 4A
Gate moving speed: 12M/min
Max gate length: 5m

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