Sparrows The Stretcher Under Door Tool

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The Stretch - Under Door Tool - FLAT BLACK FINISH

Well you guessed it this tool works by fishing it under the door, specifically doors with lever handles.
By holding the handle and ring the tool is slid under the center of the door and the manipulated so that it is vertical on the center line of the door.
The Stretch then falls on an angle to the lever handle- At the bottom of the door you are still in the center with the tool, it is the top that falls.
The top of the stretcher will now be above the Lever handle thin wire on one side black Stretch the other.
Pull that Ring the Stretch Bends at the top of the Stretch push down on the handle opening the door.

Very effective tool - a high percentage of institutions are required by law to use lever handle due to mobility issues.

Flat Black
Flex Steel