Superlift SDO-5 1200N Motor with 2.1m Tilt Rail

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Introducing Superlift's SDO-5, setting a new standard in garage door openers with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled features for a seamless and efficient user experience.

Innovative Power and Drive:
Building on the success of SDO-3, the SDO-5 boasts a DC power system and a refined belt drive. Our exclusive "C" rail, renowned for easy installation and robustness, now features a modified drive wheel for smoother and stronger performance. The motor power has been upgraded for enhanced efficiency.

Single Motor Option:
The SDO-5 is available with a 1200N motor. The inclusion of extra brackets in the kit provides installers with versatile mounting options for optimal placement.

Whisper-Quiet Operation:
The 1200N DC motor ensures a remarkably quiet operation. The digital display and setup buttons are discreetly housed within a special cover, giving the SDO-5 a sleek and modern aesthetic. Illuminate your garage with ease using our new LED lighting.

Advanced Safety Features:
Superlift prioritizes safety with the latest automatic technology. The SDO-5 is equipped to detect obstructions, automatically stopping and reversing the door. For added security, consider our optional Photo Electric Beams, ideal for homes with children and pets.

Effortless Installation and Setup:
Our pre-packed assembly kit includes twist-on brackets for versatile mounting. Retro-fit the SDO-5 with ease using our user-friendly hangers, designed to adapt to existing brackets from previous installations. The electronic setup ensures quick installation, and our comprehensive guide simplifies programming of advanced features.

Dual Speed for Convenience:
Experience a swift and smooth operation with the SDO-5, designed to get you home faster. Adjust the speed for older tilt doors to prevent wear and tear over time.

Belt Drive Reinvented:
Our steel-reinforced belt drive ensures a quiet operation without compromising strength, delivering a superior garage door opener experience.

Tailored Fit for Every Garage:
Choose from three standard rail lengths (3.3m, 3.6m, 3.9m) to accommodate garage doors up to 3 meters in height. Extension kits are available for unique openings, and our rails are easily customizable for J-Type tilt door installations.

Smart and Connected:
Experience modern convenience with Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, auto-close functionality, and a pre-set service warning. Explore the array of advanced features included in our latest model by reaching out to us today. Upgrade to Superlift's SDO-5 for a garage door opener that exceeds expectations.


  • 1x SDO-5 1200N Motor/ Opener
  • 2x Remotes
  • 1x Wall Button
  • 1x 2.1m Tilt Rail

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 240 VAC 50Hz
  • Motor Type: 24V DC
  • Lifting Force: 1200N
  • Door Height: 3 metres plus
  • Headroom May be mounted direct to ceiling
  • Safety reversing system Electronic adjustment or optional PE beam
  • Transmitter Frequency: 433.92Mhz
  • Transmitter Storage Capacity: Up to 50
  • Coding Type: Rolling code
  • Number of Code Combinations: Over 4.2 billion
  • Auto close Available with PE Beams
  • PE Beams Optional accessory
  • Door Travel Speed: Dual speed. 150mm per second or 128mm per second

*Warranty Disclaimer

*Please Note: To receive full manufacturer warranty, you must be able to provide proof of install by a garage installer and the door must have a regular servicing history as per the manufacturer terms and conditions which can be found on the manufacturer's website or in your user manual