Swage Sleeve 3.0mm Hourglass Aluminium TRADE PACK - 100

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Introducing the Swage Sleeve 3.0mm Hourglass Aluminium (Ferrules), commonly known as hand swages, crimps, or ferrules. Crafted from aluminum, these swages are engineered to seamlessly complement Aluminum, High Tensile, or Mild Steel Wire, as well as Galvanized Wire Rope. Specifically designed for wires with a diameter ranging from 2.5mm to 3.2mm, these swages play a vital role in connecting two strands of wire, known as "Duplex." Available in two styles – Hourglass and Oval – Hourglass Swages are considered hand swages and typically require only a mechanical tool, offering user-friendly installation.

The application process involves threading one end of the wire through one side of the swage, looping the wire around a thimble, and threading the wire end back through the swage. Swage Sleeve 3.0mm Hourglass Aluminium (Ferrules) are commonly paired with thimbles, tear-drop-shaped metal strips placed inside the Terminating Loop. This combination ensures even force distribution along the length of the thimble, minimizing wear and stretch on the wire cable when secured. The swage and thimble are then firmly secured using a manual crimping tool.

In practice, the thimble forms the loop, securely fastened to the saddle, eye screw/bolt, or shackle already anchored to the posts or uprights forming the frame or designated area for the wire. This comprehensive system guarantees a secure and evenly distributed connection, providing reliability in various applications.

Product Specifications:

  • Style: Hourglass
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Connection Style: Manual Swaging