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    Vehicle Compatibility

    Easy Key Programmer with Few Steps to Use

    Armed with your smartphone, TOPKEY car programming app, and its OBD dongle, you can program vehicle keys even without experience:

    1. Cut the Key - Go to your locksmiths, hardware stores, or supermarkets to have the included TOPKEY replacement key cut.
    2. Download App and Log In - Search "TOP KEY" in App Store or Google Play to find the paired key programming App. Download and install the App. Register and log in.
    3. Connect the VCI to App - Plug the dongle into your vehicle’s OBDII (on-board diagnostic) port. Set up the Bluetooth connection in TOPKEY App to wirelessly bind the dongle with your mobile device. *Blue LED indicates the successful BT connection.
    4. Fire up the App. Download the matched car software and this car key programming tool is ready to use.


    Add Key & Remote Control Now is DIY

    A dealer can get replacement keys for you, but it may take days to create the copy. Now you can have our simple key programming system “TOPKEY dongle + app” to guide you through auto key programming via the OBD port. The process is as simple as opening a smartphone App:

    1. Make sure that your network is available. Download the target car manufacturer software.
    2. Start the “Key Matching” procedure, and begin to add an extra key, or an extra remote control.
    3. Just follow the instructions on the app to complete the operation.
    4. Clear the IMMO fault code after the key or remote control replacement programming work.

    Most vehicle keys are programmed within 10 minutes, and many are finished even faster.

    *The process can vary by car’s specifics (make, model and year).


    What's in the box:

    • *TOPKEY VCI (dongle) with a compact, sleek design that will never be a pain to store.
    • *Car Key Replacement included for your consideration to save money and time.
    • *User Manual sharing general knowledge to help you use this car key programming tool.

    Universally Compatible with FCA Vehicle

    The TOPDON TOPKEY is the ideal key fob programming for car owners because of its wide compatibility with car models and makes.

    • TOYOTA_BK01: compatible with Toyota

    *Either scan the QR code to verify that the key blade’s FCC ID and appearance are compatible with your vehicle's make, model and year, or simply reach us to see if this car key fob programming  tool works on your car.

    *Only for vehicles with a traditional turn-key start. This key fob programming will NOT work with smart keys.