Posted by James Boyle

Below is a set of simple steps which shows how to program a new Boss remote to your Boss/Steel-Line BRD1/RD1 motor. 


1. Remove the faceplate of your wall mounted motor control panel. On the bottom centre of the grey faceplate will be a tiny slot that allows you to insert a flat screwdriver to remove the cover.

2. Once faceplate is removed, locate the radio set/learn button (small circle red or black button) and push it once. A light will illuminate to indicate your motor is ready to accept a new remote.

3. Press any button on your new remote that you wish to operate the door once and release. The learning light on the motor control panel with blink to indicate the code has been learnt.

4. Push the learn/code set button once and release. Test the remote and place the faceplate back onto the motor control panel.

Video Instructions: