3 x Complete Remote Car Keys To Suit Holden Commodore VS/VT/VX/VY/VZ

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Ready to program all by yourself. Nothing extra or any tools required! Add an extra car key to your Holden Commodore in minutes.

What you receive?
3 x Uncut keys
3 x Complete remote heads (battery included)
1 x OBD Coding Dongle (can code a maximum of three keys)
6 x Screws

Please Note: 3 button keys are supplied which will work if you currently have 2 button keys but we may be able to dispatch 2 button version if requested

What is not included?
1 x Logos or Emblems. This is an aftermarket product and is not genuine.

Is this compatible with my car/key?
Yes, if your car is one of the following below:
  • Commodore VS: 1995-1997
  • Commodore VT: 1997-2000
  • Commodore VX: 2000-2002
  • Commodore VY: 2002-2004
  • Commodore VZ: 2004-2006
  • Caprice/Statesman WH: 1999-2003
  • Caprice/Statesman WK: 2003-2004
  • Caprice/Statesman WL: 2004-2006
  • Please Note: This might not work for HSV, GTO or Clubsport models
  • It will not program a key fob if the car was locked with the old key fob and then lost or not unlocked (BCM locked)
  • If the ignition barrel is worn, holding the key firmly against the barrel / key reader whilst ignition is turned on and programming dongle inserted can sometimes help.

Blade Type: HU43


1. Unscrew your existing key and insert it into the new key head (take the new key blade to a locksmith for cutting if you do not have an old one to transfer)
2. Insert the new key into the ignition and twist to the ON position
3. Insert the coding dongle into the OBD port located under the steering wheel and above the pedals
4. The dongle will flash green to indicate the key has been coded
5. Remove the dongle and test to check everything is working fine

Remote Pro distributes automotive keys, remotes and casings which are compatible with the vehicles produced by other manufacturers, and which are substitutes for automotive keys, remotes and casings produced by those manufacturers. Except where a product is expressly stated to be a "genuine" product, our products are not produced by, and are not authorised, endorsed or approved by these other manufacturers.
Battery Type: Battery type TBA
Battery Access Type: Tool Required
AS62368.1 Compliant: Compliance TBA
Battery Included: Yes
Contains Coin Battery: Coin Battery TBA