ATA Axess Pro Series 3100 Roller Shutter Motor/Opener

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The Axess Pro Series 3100 is a cutting-edge solution tailored for the demanding world of industrial shutter automation. Offering a range of power input and output variations, along with a flexible suite of control and safety options, this amalgamation of strength and intelligence represents a significant leap forward.

Designed for doors up to 36m² in size, this opener can be operated using either a simple manual console or the advanced logic control system equipped with an LCD screen, integrated time clock, and TrioCode technology. The flagship 240V models require only a standard power outlet for installation, yet provide 3-phase power, exceptional reliability, and precise speed control courtesy of a custom-designed inverter.


Enhanced Safety and Security Features:

The system customises power levels for your door's safe operation during setup. It accurately assesses the power needed to lift and lower your specific door, ensuring efficient operation.

Incorporating soft start and stop technology, the system reduces speed at the start and end of each cycle, minimizing stress on both the door and the opener. This can result in a prolonged lifespan and quieter operation.

High-Speed, Robust, and Potent Motor:

3-Phase Motor- Despite requiring only a standard power outlet for installation, these 240V units harness the strength, dependability, and precise speed control characteristic of 3-phase motors, achieved through a tailor-made inverter.

Intelligent Operation Modes:

Auto-Closing Functionality - The Auto-Close feature offers added security and peace of mind by automatically closing the gate upon entry or exit (requires safety beams).

Opener Time Scheduler - With a 24/7 time clock, the opener can be set to function in various modes depending on the time or day of the week. For instance, it can be programmed to lock the entire system during weekends when the business is closed, ensuring comprehensive perimeter security.

Smart Alert System:

Maintenance Reminder - Just like a car, your garage opener requires regular servicing for optimal performance and to uphold its warranty. Automatic Technology openers go a step further by offering both audio and visual alerts when servicing is due – a feature your car doesn't even have!

Multi-Device Control - Streamline the operation of multiple garage doors, gates, and alarm systems with a single remote control. This convenient functionality enables you to effortlessly manage garage doors for your own residence, commercial property, and even the homes of your family members, all from the ease of one remote control.

Motor Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 230-240V a.c. 1-phase
  • Standby power: 2.8W
  • Motor Type: Induction
  • Motor Power: 0.5 HP - 375W 1.0 HP - 750W
  • Controller Fuse: 10A
  • Short-Term Lifting Force: 1000N
  • Rated Duty Cycle: 60%
  • Rated Door Area: 0.5 HP - 18m² 1.0 HP - 36m²
  • Typical Travel Speed: Variable via inverter
  • Courtesy Light: Output available
  • Safety Beam Compatible: L1 Logics 1x Wireless Safety Beam/2-wire Safety Beam, or 1x 3-Wire Safety Beam L2 Logics 3x Wireless Safety Beam/2-wire Safety Beam
  • LCD Screen: Yes
  • Receiver / Transmitter Frequency: Multi-frequency UHF FM (433.47, 433.92 & 434.37 MHz)
  • Coding System: Code hopping (Non-linear encryption algorithm)
  • Transmitter Type: TrioCode128
  • Transmitter Capacity (x 4-button registers): 511


  • ATA Axess Pro Series 3100 (Motorhead Only)

Warranty: 5 years / 10,000 cycles

*Warranty Disclaimer

*Please Note: To receive full manufacturer warranty, you must be able to provide proof of install by a garage installer and the door must have a regular servicing history as per the manufacturer terms and conditions which can be found on the manufacturer's website or in your user manual