ATA PTX-5 Compatible Remote x 10

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The product that you will receive is the item that is being pointed to by the arrows which is an aftermarket compatible remote.

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  • Free Key Ring


  • DCB-05 (Dual Gate Controller)
  • GDO-6v3 (EasyRoller)
  • GDO-6v4 (EasyRoller)
  • GDO-7v2 (SecuraLift)
  • GDO-7v3 (SecuraLift)
  • GDO-8v3 (Shed Master)
  • GDO-9 (Dynamo)
  • GDO-9 (Enduro)
  • GDO-9 (Ero)
  • GDO-9v2 (SecuraLift)
  • GDO-9v2 (Enduro)
  • GDO-9v3 (Dominator)
  • GDO-9v3 (Dynamo)
  • GDO-10v1 (Toro)
  • GDO-11v1 (Securalift Ero)
  • NES-24v1 (NeoSlider)
  • RD-40V1
  • SGO-1 (Elite)
  • NOT compatible with GEN2 motors or v2 remotes (grey case with grey buttons)
  • NOT compatible with PTX-4 (433Mhz) with blue case
  • NOT compatible with older ATA motors which still use SecuraCode433MHz or old 27MHz TX remotes without the use of Tricodereceiver card


  • Transmitter Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Battery: CR2032 3V
  • Coding Type: Rolling
  • Control up to 4 doors

Dimensions: 2.2W x 6.0L x 1.0D cm

Please Note: An alternate style may be dispatched if main style is not available


The ATA PTX-5 Compatible Remote is compatible with EasyRoller variants, SecuraLift, Enduro, Dynamo and NeoSlider garage motors. It matches well with ATA Slide and Swing gates, but isn't compatible with the older PTX4 remotes. With the daily use of garage doors, it shouldn't come as a surprise to discover your remote malfunctioning one day.

ATA remotes emphasise reliability and security in automation electronics. The latest feature in ATA's garage door remotes is the advanced encryption technology, which protects your unit from signal interception caused by code-grabbing devices. 

The ATA PTX-5 Compatible Remote uses the TrioCode code-hopping technology. This is the generation of a new random code out of more than 4.29 billion possible results with every use of your remote. This ensures the safekeeping of your garage door and the efficiency of authorisation.

Download the instructions, watch the video or contact us for any enquiry.

Battery Compliance
This product has been tested and approved by a third party and is compliant with AS62368.1.

Remote Pro distributes remote controls which are compatible with the door or garage motors and receivers produced by other manufacturers, and which are substitutes for remote controls produced by those manufacturers. Except where a product is expressly stated to be a "genuine" remote, our remote controls are not produced by, and are not authorised, endorsed or approved by these other manufacturers.
Battery Type: CR2032
Battery Access Type: Tool Required
AS62368.1 Compliant: Yes
Battery Included: Yes
Contains Coin Battery: Yes