B&D Genuine Garage Door Auto-Lock Wireless Deadbolt

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Auto-Lock Brochure

Auto-Lock Manual

Enhanced security for the things that are precious to you. As the largest door in the home, the garage door plays an important role in protecting what valuable to you so in response to a growing demand for extra security and convenience, B&D offers the Auto-Lock.
  • 1 x Auto-Lock
  • 1 x Mounting Kit
  • 1 x Wireless Base Station
  • 1 x Low Sideroom Kit


    • How It Works - Every time you close your garage door the Auto-Lock sends a heavy duty bolt through the guard rail helping to prevent thieves from being able to force it up and open - all without the need for a key.
    • Auto-Lock comes standard on B&D Panelift Icon Sectional Door and is available as an optional extra on B&D Panelift Sectional Doors and StormShield Sectional Doors.
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Australian Made

    Motor Compatibility:

    • B&D SDO-2V2 (Advance)
    • B&D SDO-3V2 (Controll-A-Door S)
    • B&D SDO-4V1 (PanelPro)

    Garage Door Compatibility:

    • B&D Panellift
    • B&D Panellift Icon
    • B&D Panellift GEN II
    • B&D Panelmasta
    • B&D Firmapanel
    • B&D P7
    • B&D Design-A-Door
    • B&D Enviropanel
    • B&D Stormshield
    • B&D Tongue and Groove
    • B&D Smoothpanel
    • B&D Toughpanel
    • For other branded doors, please consult your installer