B36-3 Keydiy KD Universal Remote Key B Series 3 Buttons Nissan Type

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Disclaimer: This key must be cut and programmed by an automotive locksmith. We recommend to please check with your local locksmith that they are able to program this type and brand of key. Alternatively, please contact us and we can put you in touch with an automotive locksmith in your area.

There are many different designs of remotes to choose from within the KeyDIY (KD) range, enabling you to select a style that either matches the original remote or a style your customer prefers.

The B series remotes, sold in blue packaging, require an appropriate transponder to be fitted.

Please note: All remotes require a key blade, roll pin and a CR2032 battery.

  • KEYDIY remotes are universal remotes with unlimited applications.
  • KD universal remote can replace your car remote, car key, and garage remote.
  • KD remotes will replace most original remotes.


  • 3 Buttons (Lock, Unlock, Boot)
  • Programmable frequency
  • CR2032 3V (not included)

Compatibility List:

  • Suitable For KeyDIY B Series
  • Suitable For KeyDIY devices