Complete To Suit Mitsubishi Magna Verada Remote

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How to change battery

What you receive?
1 x Complete Remote with battery (CR 2032)
Please Note: Our products are not provided with logos
What is not included?
- Programming
Is this compatible with my car/key?
Yes, if your key is one of the following models and your current remote looks identical to the product pictured in the main image.
  • Magna TH TJ TL TW (1999-2006)
  • Verada KH KW (1999-2006)
  • Not Suitable for Verada XI
1. Sit in the car all doors closed. 
2. Insert key into the ignition.
3. Turn the key to ON and then back to ACC twice, leaving it on the ON position on the last turn. 
4. The indicator or Hazard lights should flash. 
5. Now press any of the buttons on your remote. 
6. The indicator or Hazard lights should flash again, your remote should now be programmed to the vehicle.
7. You should Re-Program any other existing Remotes by pressing any button on these remotes, and make sure that the Indicator lights have flashed in each instance, to ensure that each remote was programmed correctly. 
8. Turn the ignition back to off. 
9. Programming procedure is now completed. 
 (If the above fails to program, try it again this time with the Driver’s door open) Please Note: Maximum of four programmed remotes for the one car.
1. This is a complete remote with electronics inside
2. Our remotes are not included with logos
3. Our remote will be suitable if your current key looks identical and the model is listed above
4. Programming is completed via the instructions above
Remote Pro™ distributes automotive keys, remotes and casings which are compatible with the vehicles produced by other manufacturers, and which are substitutes for automotive keys, remotes and casings produced by those manufacturers. Except where a product is expressly stated to be a "genuine" product, our products are not produced by, and are not authorised, endorsed or approved by these other manufacturers.

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