Omgate Bluetooth Receiver

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Omgate activates Doors, Gates or any number of different devices, with the press of a Smart Phone virtual button.

Omgate is a Bluetooth enabled device which uses a free App on your Smart Phone to control a variety of devices. Let your imagination determine the unlimited applications.· 2 x Type-N 1.5V batteries (for sensor)

With applications such as doors or gates, as an example, you determine who is able to enter. This could be family members, friends, other residents in an Apartment Carpark or even hundreds of employees, Omgate makes it easy for you to manage access. As the Administrator, you can also nominate other “Gate Keepers” who will have the ability to add and delete Omgate Users.

The standard User configuration for Omgate is 10 Free Users. Using the App, additional Users for an Omgate unit can be purchased in groups of 20, 50, 100, 500 & 1000. This is a yearly subscription. Individual User subscriptions can also be defined and payed for, on a yearly basis.


  • Easy Installtion
  • Up to 10 users for free