Genuine ATA 60272 Shuttle Trolley Assembly Suits GDO2v6 GDO2v7 63140

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1 x Replacement Genuine ATA Shuttle Trolley Assembly



If you've ever had a power failure and needed to get your car out of the garage you would have used the manual release pull cord. The manual release cord is attached to the trolley assembly, as the lock for your rail. When engaged this allows the door to be locked and only moved with the motor. When disengaged this allows the door to be moved manually.


The larger hole is 35mm in diameter and the smaller hole 30mm in diameter.


  • GDO-2v4 (Securalift)
  • GDO-2v5 (Securalift)
  • GDO-2v6 (Securalift)
  • GDO-2v7 (Securalift)
  • GDO-7v1 (Securalift)
  • GDO-7v2 (Securalift)
  • GDO-7v3 (Securalift)