Weather Seal To Suit Gliderol Garage Doors

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Gliderol Weather Seal Type

Product Options:

This listing offers four different choices for the length of the Gliderol Type Weather seal, available in the following:

Per meter

3.2m for a single garage door

5.5m for a double garage door

80m of weather seal

Compatibility and Functionality:

The Gliderol Type Weather seal is designed to enhance the performance of your garage door. It effectively prevents dust, leaves, and unwanted rodents from infiltrating your garage space. When brand new, this weather seal adapts to the ground, ensuring a tight seal while also giving your door a fresh and appealing appearance. However, as it ages, the seal can become rigid, prone to cracking, and lose its visual appeal.

Gliderol Door Seal:

This Gliderol door seal is an authentic replacement part, measuring 5cm in width. The T-section, which inserts into the channel, has a width of 5mm.

Determining Suitability:

Garage doors come in various types, each with its own unique weather seal. To ensure you select the correct seal for your door, we recommend the following steps:

  • Remove a small segment of your existing weather seal and compare it to our product. If it matches, it's the right choice.
  • The edge of the weather seal is crucial for compatibility, so please ensure it matches the one in our provided photo.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or uncertainties regarding the weather seal, please don't hesitate to capture a photo of it and send it to us for expert guidance. We're here to help!